Nov 4, 2023 – Millpond Preserve

November 4, 2023

Another awesome day at Millpond. Friends joined us and Obie (Oberon) did amazing on his first kayak ride. We had to keep the boat moving just a small amount at all times, or he may try to step out. We never tipped the boat, no one fell in, so I’d call it a win.

My personal kayak should be coming in about a week or so, but no real ETA. It is been transferred from one store to another. If you are in the N.C. area you should check out Great Outdoor Provisions (not a sponsor lol). They only have locations in N.C. and they got their start in Highpoint, N.C. I really do try to buy local when I can, even if it means paying a bit more or waiting on something to come in stock.

I made a page about the new kayak, just for reference, which can be checked out: Old Town Loon 120